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Welcome everyone to the 1st  International Conference  on Integrative Physiology and Molecular Medicine

We live in an exciting time in the field of medicine and health science research.

The measurable properties and function of the biological systems have allowed for the application of physiological tools in the study of human health, both in laboratory settings – involving either human or animal subjects – as well as in the healthcare settings. Many of these tools provide simple procedures for screening and tracking human health and disease progression; for decades, these tools have provided the much-required assistance for clinicians and medical scientists dealing with human health.

And comes the genetic and molecular revolution not very long ago. Indeed, the advancement in the field of molecular medicine have shone lights on parts of the biological systems we never thought possible; opening many new areas for discovery. This development is an exciting period in medical research as we are now able to monitor human health from the surface level up to the molecular level – to a world beyond the microscopic eye.

It is an exciting time as the advancement in molecular medicine, especially in the last decades, have taken our understanding of human health as well as disease development and progression to a level we would not have been able to comprehend decades ago. But that doesn’t mean that the earlier tools are now obsolete. I strongly believe that the integration of physiological instruments and molecular techniques tools in health and research will continue to have a place in health management and research. This conference is to acknowledge this integration and to celebrate the works at the surface level down to the molecular level.

Therefore, the theme of this conference “Health and disease: the integration of physiological instruments and molecular techniques” is to allow the gathering of medical scientists, molecular and physiological specialist, clinical specialist, academicians and public health specialists to share their knowledge and discoveries over the years. It is our hope that such a gathering will help them in forming connections between their findings; thus, providing an international networking and opportunities for collaborations worldwide.

Again, welcome to our conference and I hope you will have a meaningful time here.

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