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About The Cluster

The cluster for integrative physiology and molecular medicine was proposed in 2017 with the aim to integrate the diverse research activities in the medical and technological science area in UniKL RCMP. This is to ensure connections and inter- and intradisciplinary collaborations between the various science disciplines. Therefore, the establishment of the “Centre of Integrative Physiology and Molecular Medicine (CIPMM)” would allow the various researches currently conducted in UniKL to be integrated and further developed.

The proposed research cluster is one of its kind in Malaysia where emphasis is given towards streamlining not just the medical science researches but also technological science researches into one goal of countering disease pathogenesis and uncovering new potentials in disease management. This strategy requires a collaborative effort between the various disciplines in medical and technological sciences to ensure that each step in a research endeavour would lead to a meaningful end in the advancement of disease management in humans.

Our strategy therefore is to strengthen and expand the various research in natural products that are currently being conducted. Our emphasis on locally sourced natural plants will ensure that any beneficial outcome would lead to an economic role of our own local plants. The knowledge of the various biochemical potential of these plants will be incorporated into studies on physiological functions to discover their potentials in drug discovery and subsequently disease management. Input from technological research will help in developing a better drug delivery system and treatment strategy. After all, it is the combination of medical sciences and technological sciences that has brought about better drug development and delivery mechanism as well as better treatment strategy for disease management. 

The establishment of this centre shall allow the researchers to work in a group instead of in isolation. This should provide a research environment in which the researches could share their knowledge and expertise for the advancement of any given research project.

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