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“Program GEAR Up! Programme (Get Ready for University Programme) 2022” organized by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) was held at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine  Perak   (UniKL RCMP),   a  branch campus of  Universiti Kuala Lumpur from 24 June 2022 until 26 June 2022. UniKL RCMP is honoured to collaborate with MARA for this programme which aims at producing more graduates or students with leadership qualities.

2,100 students/ SPM leavers i.e. 700 MRSM students and 1,400 secondary schools and religious secondary schools students all over the country participated in this programme. The programme comprising of a 3-day 2-night indoor and outdoor workshop focused on verbal and written English communication skills based on the communication modules in communication and task-based learning that encourages students to build their confidence to speak and write in various situations where participants have the opportunity to develop their leadership talents and qualities as well as working skills in groups. 39 female and 17 male students registered as participants for this programme.


The programme was officiated by Yang Berbahagia Puan Lailatul Asmah Binti Mohd Tahir, Pengarah MARA Negeri Perak. Also present were Tuan Haji Hisshamuddin Bin Omar, Head of Campus, UniKL RCMP, En. Nor Azmi Bin Hashaim, Assistant Director, MARA Education Sponsorship Division, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Fuad Bin Shamsuddin, Dean Faculty of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, UniKL RCMP and Puan Nilam Maisarah Binti Kassim, Deputy Director, Student Development and Campus Lifestyle Division, UniKL RCMP.


The participants were exposed to living as a tertiary student upon completion of school, at the university/ educational institutions chosen as training centres. In addition to this, the participants were also exposed to various modules including way of thinking, self-confidence, personal statement writing, public speaking and ethics during an interview. The participants also had the opportunity to visit the Library @ Zamani Learning Hub, Anatomy Lab and Pathology Museum. It is hoped that all participants have gained invaluable knowledge and experience from the programme and will be able to contribute to the nation and mankind in the future.